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Looking for original solutions for business advertising, or maybe you want to announce an upcoming event or be proud of your loved one? An airplane message is an effective way to stay noticed and a unique opportunity to surprise, interest, invite.

Who is the ad for?

We work with various advertising agencies, companies and individuals to find solutions that meet your expectations. Advertising on the plane is flown at the place you want, at the agreed time. We work all over Samogitia.

How to make an ad?

We will make the right awning for you, according to your wishes. We recommend using specific text or characters.

Advertising during the event:

Want to surprise guests at an event, celebration or contest? Let them know a specific message or greet the plane flying overhead at the exact place you need. After such a surprise, the guests will be fascinated and the holiday will be remembered for a long time ….

Personal greetings:

Looking for a way to greet an original friend or someone close to you? Or maybe you’re still wondering how to make a loved one remember it for a lifetime? An airplane flying above your party with a greeting or message is something that cannot be forgotten …